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Using Census Data to *SizeUp* your New or Existing Business

by: SBA South Carolina District Office

Census data is an essential tool for entrepreneurs at any stage to get started or grow their business. Workshop Participants will learn the essentials of how to:  Get Speedy Access to Critical Data to Support Your Start-Up or Expansion  Successfully Plan, Jump Start and Run Your Business– Using Industry Trends  Locate and ZOOM-IN on Business Industry Specific Data – Using NAIC Codes  Get a Microscopic Perspective of Your Target Market  Use Supporting Data to Position Your Business for Success  Accelerate Your Business – Using verifiable Industry Analysis Census Data Get Smart About Your Business: • Learn Your Business Industry • Measure Your Business, using Census Data, for Growth Opportunities This is a collaborative event between the SBA Georgia District Office and SBA South Carolina District Offices. Webinar access information will be forwarded to all attendees prior to the event, via email.

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