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The SC Small Business Development Center


The SC SBDC is excited to collaborate on a joint initiative with the S.C. Commission for Minority Affairs (CMA), South Carolina’s Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs), lenders and other partners to improve upon the economic impact of African American businesses and entrepreneurs.

This partnership focuses on expanding and enhancing services to (1) increase business growth and success; and (2) create economic growth and prosperity in African American communities.

This new program created by the SC SBDC called “The BRIDGE,” stands for “Better Resources for Inclusion, Dialogue, Growth & Equity.” The overarching objectives of The BRIDGE are to:

  • Expand outreach and awareness of small business services in underserved African American communities throughout the state of South Carolina;

  • Enhance and tailor business assistance to meet the needs of African American entrepreneurs; and

  • Engage African Americans in the challenge to pursue goals that advance both their own businesses AND local communities.

We invite all African American entrepreneurs to join us and accept the challenge.

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