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Small Business Grant Opportunities

by City of Columbia Office of Business Opportunities

Growing & Sustaining Our Small Business Community

  • The Verizon Digital Ready grant supports small businesses through an online curriculum designed to provide learning modules, coaching, personalized tools, grant opportunities, and networking opportunities. Recipients will receive up to $10,000. To qualify, applicants must complete either two courses, coaching events, or community events before November 14.

  • Dark & Lovely is celebrating their 50th anniversary by teaming up with BrainTrust Founders Studio for the 50 Years of Beauty Pitch Competition. To apply, applicants must record a video pitch (up to 3 minutes) sharing their vision for the future of the beauty industry and how Black inclusivity and representation can be supported. The winner of the competition will receive $5,000 and a trip to Dark & Lovely’s headquarters in NYC. Applications close November 23.

  • Amber Grant Foundation. With a simple goal of supporting women entrepreneurs, the Amber Grant Foundation was founded by WomensNet in 1998. The foundation awards a $10,000 grant each month and an additional $25,000 grant each December to women entrepreneurs with a compelling story.

Click this link to find more grants, loans, and programs to benefit your small business!

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