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by SBA

Join SBA's convening of cybersecurity and business experts on Oct 26th to learn practical tips, cyber-hygiene best practices, and more.

SBA is featuring experts from the public sector, major technology platforms, award-winning business coaches, and small business owners themselves to share the best approaches to defend against and combat cyber-attacks. Your business is too important to miss this free opportunity to set-up your cyber defense plan, learn how to conduct an internal assessment, build your staff resilience, and develop an awareness where you can turn for added protections.

The Summit is comprised of 10 segments that showcase practical tips, problem-solving strategies, case studies, industry trends, threat avoidance, and employee skills training.

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1 Comment

Nathan Adrian
Nathan Adrian
Dec 14, 2022

I'm sure it was a good summit. I'm also wondering if you can write more articles about games. For example, it can be Argentics games. I heard that these are very good and exciting games.

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