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Kiara Streater honored as Extraordinary Global Entrepreneur

by Carolina Panorama

Kiara Streater has successfully built a name, not only for the company that she founded but also for herself. One of the most influential women entrepreneurs in the nation is Kiara Streater, who has received tons of recognition and awards since she entered the business world.

With over fifteen years of experience, she has proven that any woman can lead, manage and grow a firm that serves a large clientele base. With her never-ending resilience and admirable personality, Extraordinary Headhunters LLC is an award-winning staffing agency here in the US and India, and the Philippines. She has been honored and featured on the cover page of Business Connect Magazine as Top Global Entrepreneur 2021. Recently honored by Columbia Business Monthly as a "Woman of Influence 2021 she continues to raise the bar and is a force of nature with passion and an unwavering commitment to shift the definition of entrepreneurship can be understood through her flawless dedication as a trailblazing warrior! Kiara's personal story of resilience was the impetus for her to create "Extraordinary Headhunters LLC.

About Business Connect

Business Connect is known for featuring stories of successful business leaders and inspiring individuals who continue to shape the world with what they do. They are famous for providing a platform for international business leaders, venture capitalists, and entrepreneurs from all walks of life. They focus on keeping their readers informed about the latest news and updates in the business world.

As a prominent and well recognized leader with an extensive 15 years of experience in the professional services industry, she has proved her extraordinary competencies in enhancing the business performances for some major conglomerates where revenue generation and market expansion come effortlessly. Kiara founded Extraordinary Headhunters LLC in 2018 and she considers incepting this venture as the best investment that she ever made! At the heart of it all, no matter what she does, it’s the elevation and celebration of the people and community. Kiara’s raw and real story of resilience brings hope, for others to dream big! Kiara is raising the bar for others to dream big! Kiara believes in leading by example and that together we can move mountains and make an impact in our local communities and around the globe.

If you want to learn more about Kiara Streater and Extraordinary Headhunters LLC, please visit

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