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IRS Tax Workshops Available

by: IRS

Welcome to the Small Business Tax Workshop.

We designed this workshop to help you, a new business owner, understand and meet your federal tax obligations.

This workshop is constructed so that the first four segments: Federal Taxes And Your New Business, Schedule C and Other Small Business Taxes, How to File and Pay Your Taxes Electronically, and Business Use of Your Home, may be relevant to you now and are for everyone no matter what kind of business you have or whether you have employees.

The remaining four lessons, Federal Taxes When Hiring Employees or Independent Contractors, How to Manage Payroll and Withholding the Correct Amount of Taxes, Tax Deposits and Filing a Return to Report Your Payroll Taxes, and Hiring U.S. Residents Who Aren't U.S. Citizens, are for those who already have or who are thinking about hiring employees.

Because this is a virtual workshop, you can choose the lessons that apply to you.

Using the navigation buttons on the screen, you can go directly to the information you need. You also can pause and bookmark lessons, so you can review information at a later time.

Best of all, you can return to lessons you didn't need when you started your business but might need now. For example, if your business has grown enough that you want to hire employees, all the information will be here when you need it.

Best wishes on your new business.

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