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DEW HVAC Training Services Center, LLC H.E.L.P. Program Initiative

By: DEW HVAC Training Services Center, LLC

The mission of DEW HVAC Training Services Center, LLC's H.E.L.P. initiative is to empower future HVAC Technicians and individuals in various trades. Achieving this goal involves fostering collaboration and forming partnerships with SC Student Loan. Join us for a FREE webinar event scheduled for this Wednesday, December 6, 2023, at 11:00 am. Engage in a meaningful conversation with Destra Capers, the Director of Marketing and Outreach at SC Student Loan, who will provide insights into the initiative, highlight the significance of partnering with SC Student Loan, and explore how partnering with this initiative can contribute to the growth of your business, among other valuable information.

Empower Tomorrow's HVAC Technicians: Forge a Strategic Partnership with SC Student Loan for them to Provide Initial Funding for Training, Creating a Talent Pipeline for HVAC Companies with Loan Repayment Tied to Employment Commitment.

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