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Business owner hopes NOMA shop will serve as community hub

Christina Lee Knauss

The owner of a new business on North Main Street wants to offer the neighborhood and the city of Columbia a space for everything from making art to celebrating life events.

Irmo resident Ebony Livingston is owner of Good Vibes Nibbles and Sips, which opened June 10 at 2510 Main St., Suite A, in the NOMA (which stands for North Main) trestle district.

Livingston said her business will offer everything from a place where guests can enjoy a glass of wine while learning how to paint from a local artist to a space that can be rented for occasions ranging from business meetings to baby showers.

“I love to host events. I’ve done them in the past with my family, and now I’m stepping out to open this business and share what I love to do with other people in Columbia,” Livingston said. “I think there’s a need for this type of venue in this neighborhood and in Columbia. It’s going to give an additional outlet for people nearby who want somewhere to come to have a good time without having to go out of town.”

Good Vibes will offer a variety of events, from privately scheduled painting events to daily public access where visitors can come in, relax and create their own works. The space will also be available for rental by individuals, groups and businesses.

Two of the signature events offered by Good Vibes will be open bookings, where customers can select artwork to paint from a provided gallery, bring any food or beverage they want, and then paint provided supplies including aprons, paint, pre-sketched canvases and brushes. The business will also offer special painting events for children and larger events for adults. Livingston noted the larger painting events are ideal for family gatherings or corporate team-building events.

Columbia Mayor Daniel Rickenmann attended the ribbon-cutting event for Good Vibes, along with city council members and other community leaders.

“North Main is the new corridor where investment is coming, and it’s great to be able to open a small business like this where you can point at the Statehouse from the front door — there aren’t a lot of small businesses with this kind of view,” Rickenmann said. “This is a business that’s going to offer a lot of variety for people, whether they’re coming to ‘paint and sip’ or for other events, and it’s a great asset for the neighborhood.”

An asset that’s especially notable for the North Main area, Aditi Bussells, at-large city councilwoman said, because it’s minority- and woman-owned.

“This is a place for everyone to come, whether you want to do some painting or need an event space, space for meetings or a conference,” said Ashley White Bostick, Good Vibes project manager. “We want this to be a place for everybody in this neighborhood.”

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Mar 29

Ebony Livingston's vision for Good Vibes Nibbles and Sips echoes the spirit of Bliss By The Sea Retreat: creating a space where the community can come together to relax, connect, and indulge in meaningful experiences. Just as Bliss By The Sea aims to provide guests with a real vacation experience, Livingston's establishment offers a variety of opportunities for patrons to unwind, socialize, and engage in creative activities. Both places prioritize fostering a sense of belonging and creating unforgettable moments for those they serve.

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