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Celeb Studio in Columbia offers charcuterie, cooking classes and a newly opened cafe


Chef Judy Etheredge opened a cafe in her cooking studio, Celeb Studio at 224 O’Neil Court, Suite 19 in Columbia.

Judy Etheredge, better known as Chef J, has been creating healthy meals for Columbians for the past 6 years. In the last year, she expanded her business, Celeb Studio, from being a cooking class studio and catering business to a full-scale cafe.

Before the pandemic, Etheredge taught healthy cooking classes at local schools and led cooking camps at her studio. For the last four years, she’s also been part of a group of Black, female farmers called FarmaSis at the Clemson Road Extension in Columbia.

“People say ‘you do a lot’ and I say it’s because I love people, it’s not work anymore - it’s all fun,” Etheredge said.

A passion for health and wellness inspired Etheredge to become a chef in 2015 after years of being a personal fitness trainer. She attended the Natural Gourmet Institute in New York City to get certified in health foods cooking. Her company’s motto is, “you deserve to live well.”

Etheredge’s latest endeavor is The Art of Charcuterie, a brand she created during the pandemic to sell charcuterie boards. After experiencing success with selling the boards, she decided to open up a cafe in Celeb Studios that offers charcuterie boards, wine, coffee, tea and sandwiches daily.

“I believe in healthy food, but I also believe you have to have a balance of other things, so we put all kinds of different things on the boards,” said Etheredge. “Our main emphasis is fresh fruits and veggies that are in-season.”

Etheredge garnishes everything with her signature, home-grown rosemary, she said.

The Celeb Studio Cafe is open Tuesday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Etheredge’s Art of Charcuterie boards will also be sold on Saturdays at Soda City Market in Columbia starting July 17, she said.

Celeb Studio is located at 224 O’Neil Court, Suite 19 in Columbia. To book the studio for events or cooking classes, visit Celeb Studio’s website.

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